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ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 USMT to UNC Templates

  1. Hi, Thank You for these steps, however I’m having trouble getting the Capture User state to run. I’m not getting the created on the UNC path either. I’ve set my capture to run in off-line mode (Windows PE Only).

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? It doesn’t even look like the Capture User Files and Settings step even tries to run.

    • The steps weren’t designed to be run offline and I haven’t ever tested them in that scenario.

  2. When the task sequence runs it runs under the system account. Is this correct? What kind of permissions did you set on the network share?

    • Correct, when in WinPE it uses the Network Access Account, once the computer is domain joined, then it would be using the domain computer account. So you would need to grant permissions to both.

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